Sunday, 18 December 2011

The first lesson: the effect of close-up lenses

- let us suppose that you have a normal lens
- specification shows 1:10 (0,1x) maximum magnification
- download the example package and unzip it
- press the open button, find the downloaded examples
- select the "normal_simple.txt" file and load it
- press the simulation button

- the focal point located on the sensor
- switch on the second object
- give a not zero angle to the object
- decrease the object distance until magnification reaches the specified maximum value
- click on distance input field and use arrow keys to fine adjustment
- read the minimum focusing distance (from front vertex, not from the sensor)
- the focus located beind the sensor now
- move a "Z" cursor over the focus, and read the cursor position
- the distance between the sensor and the cursor is the maximum mechanical extension of the lens

- press the editing and preferences button after
- memorize the position of sensor
- type in the cursor position into the sensor position input field

- the focus located on the sensor again
- go back to editing
- press Open & Add button
- select the 2D close-up lens
- go back to simulation
- the focus located before the sensor now

- decrease the object distance until focus touches the sensor
- read the new magnification, this is the gain of the close-up lens
- read the new minimum focusing distance

- go to preferences
- set the sensor position to the original value
- go to simulation
- increase the object distance until focus touches the sensor
- read the new maximum focusing distance (instead of infinite)

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